Instagram has axed Tommy Robinson ‘by mistake’

The Instagram account of former English Defence League (EDL) leader Tommy Robinson has been removed “in error”, according to the Facebook-owned social network.

Robinson was released on bail at the beginning of this month, after winning an appeal against a contempt of court finding.

On 6 August, it was reported that her Instagram account had been “deleted”.

Instagram has said that it was working on improving its process for evaluating the content.

“They have deleted my Instagram account. Facebook will soon close on us,” wrote Robinson on Facebook.

In a statement, Instagram said: “The account @realtommyrobinson has been removed by error and has since been reactivated.”

Instagram said the account had been reported for violating the site’s community guidelines about bullying, but the deletion was an error that occurred when the account is in the process of revision.

It comes after a number of US high technology companies have taken steps to remove the content of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones in the past few days.

Facebook has taken Jones InfoWars page, and he also had his YouTube channel deleted.

Hundreds of his podcasts have also been removed from Apple iTunes and Podcasts apps.