In the Ohio special election for Congress

In the United States are a series of polls that could determine the balance of power ahead of November elections

Tuesday are special elections in Ohio and primaries in four more States

In five States, U.S. voters go to the polling stations. The greatest attention is focused on extraordinary elections in Ohio. The results of the vote will affect the political landscape and the status of the President of Donald trump in his own party ahead of the November midterm elections.

Elections in the 12th electoral district in Ohio is especially notable because it is the last voting before November, which directly compete with Republicans and Democrats.

Intense fight between Democrat Danny O’conner and Republican Troy Balderson in the vicinity of Columbus, Ohio, and primaries in other States will allow you to assess the situation ahead of the midterm elections, the results of which will decide which party will control the House of representatives.

Balderson, an experienced politician and a staunch supporter of trump, faced with strong resistance from the 31-year-old local official O’conner in the district, which Republicans have controlled since 1983. In the presidential election of 2016 there won trump.

As shown by last week’s poll from Monmouth University, the candidates are on a level, although last month Bolderson was a double-digit gap.

In an attempt to prevent an unexpected defeat of his party comrade, trump on Saturday made a speech at a campaign rally in support of Balderson, and on Tuesday morning, wrote on Twitter that he will make a “great Congressman”.

Other senior Republicans, including Vice President Mike Pompeo, also came to Ohio to support Balderson.

One of the Central themes of the race in Ohio was conducted by trump tax reform: O’connor insists that it is beneficial only to the rich and jeopardize the program of social security and Medicare. Bolderson in recent weeks has been paying less attention, focusing on criticism of a leading Democrat in the House of representatives Nancy Pelosi.

The winning candidate will take the place formerly owned by Pat Tiberius, who served in Congress for nine terms and had recently resigned, sitting in a business Association in Ohio.

In the States, where on Tuesday held primaries in November will be able to win 36 seats in the House of representatives and 3 in the Senate. To take control of both chambers, the Democrats need to get 23 seats in the House of representatives and two in the Senate. In addition, at stake are all 435 seats in the House of representatives, 35 of 100 Senate seats and 36 of the 50 Governor’s posts.

In Kansas, fiercely fighting with each other two Republicans: the Secretary of state Chris Kobach trying to overthrow the current Governor Jeff Collier.

Trump supported the candidacy Kobach, a prominent leader of the conservative wing in the movement for the restriction of illegal immigration and a supporter of more strict electoral laws.

Primaries on Tuesday will also be held in the States of Washington, Missouri and Michigan.

The struggle between two Democrats for the post of Governor in Michigan, will test the influence of the progressive wing of the party. Working in the healthcare AEL ‘ Abdul-Sayed could become the first Governor in a Muslim state, if he wins over the former leader of the state Senate, Gretchen Whitmer.

Republicans hope that victory trump in Michigan will help them in the fight in the Republican gubernatorial and Senate primaries two leaders of the President’s supporters: attorney General bill Shuett and a veteran of the Iraq war, John James.