In the Kiev subway beggar bitten kitten

One of the stations of the Kiev subway inadequate elderly woman teeth caused injury to a small kitten. On Tuesday, August 7, reports the news service TSN.

As noted, between a woman, to beg with the two cats and the people who tried to take her kittens, there was a conflict. During the conflict, the old woman grabbed one of the kittens and tried to gnaw its leg, according to eyewitnesses.

The corresponding video was published in YouTube blogger Roman Street Prince.

On the record it says that I passed a crowd of people who, as it turned out, tried to free a kitten whose paw was holding the teeth of an elderly woman. Subsequently, the event on camera, says the woman, who had blood on his face. She stated that she just wanted to give kittens, and she was beaten, and that the blood on her face – her own. Later, it becomes apparent how the girl with the kittens running away from beggars.

The kitten survived, was given the name Logan, his destiny involved caring people.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that near Vinnitsa unknown inhumans stripped dogs skin alive.