At Kiev children’s coach tekvon-do brutally beat the woman

In Petropavlivs’ka borshchahivka on Monday, August 6, an elderly woman nearly paid with his life for what made the remark to young people throwing empty bottles in the trash, not on the ground.

It is reported channel Espreso.

In response to a request to observe the purity of the two young men sporting appearance attacked an elderly woman and beat her to blood.

“The guys struck the woman several times in the face, after which the victim fell to the ground and lost consciousness“, – stated in the message.

Thanks to the private witnesses and the protection of the attackers were detained. Sassy bullies witnesses identified the two brothers, one of them an athlete, coach adolescents on tekvon-do Yuri Sandulyak.

As reported July 13, the Deputy beat up a woman for the observation to take a pit bull on a leash.