Trump: Russia, China and perhaps North Korea are interfering in the Affairs of USA

The US President Donald trump said, speaking in Ohio on Saturday that Russia, China and perhaps North Korea, to intervene in the internal Affairs of States and that such activity may increase with the rapid development of the American economy.

“We are talking about many people. We need to stop it. We need to stop meddling and stop the attacks on us from all sides, – said trump. But such a lot – and there is Russia, there is China. We are doing well with North Korea, but perhaps they, too, are there.”

This statement differs significantly from the previous comments of the President in which he denied foreign intervention, even after several of his advisers have expressed concerns about external threats.

Trump previously called the idea of an external intervention “fiction about Russia”.

The President is the subject of a Federal investigation in connection with possible collusion with Russia, he further stated that the intervention “will buy a really large scale,” since USA “return your wealth”.

Trump has arrived in Ohio to support the Republican candidate Trey Balderson who leads a bitter fight against Democrat Danny O’connor in the early elections to Congress.