The UK may ban the sale of plastic straws and q-tips

LONDON, 19 Jul — RIA Novosti, Maria Tobacco. The UK government has allocated more than 61 million pounds to fight the pollution and is ready to prohibit in England the sale of plastic straws for drinks, and cotton swabs with plastic Foundation, said in a statement Thursday the report of the office of the British Prime Minister.

“After the consultations that the Minister of the environment will begin this year, the government is ready to ban the sale of these things in England under plans for the protection of our rivers and seas and to carry a 25-year plan for environmental protection and deliverance from the unnecessary costs of plastic,” — said in the message.

The government will work with business over the search for a replacement for those disposable items and promises to give companies time to prepare for the changes.

“The announcement falls on a time when the Prime Minister (UK – ed) calls on all Commonwealth countries to join the Alliance formed the clean oceans and to take appropriate measures… To promote this initiative, the UK government has allocated 61,4 million pounds of funding for international research and assistance to countries of the Commonwealth, primarily to prevent plastic waste in the oceans”, — stated in the message.

These days London is hosting the summit of heads of the Commonwealth Nations. The Commonwealth of Nations or as it is sometimes called, the British Commonwealth is an Association of 53 independent States, which includes the UK and almost all of its former dominions, colonies and protectorates, as well as Mozambique and Rwanda. The combined population of Commonwealth countries amounts to more than two billion people. The head of the Commonwealth is the Queen of Britain Elizabeth II. The largest members of the Commonwealth — Canada, Australia and India. The headquarters of the Secretariat — the body responsible for the administration of the Association is located in London.