Parliamentary inquiry ‘pothole plague’ begins

The state of the UK’s roads has attracted the attention of the Transport select Committee that is going to start an investigation of how road repairs are financed.

Re-paving, the research by the Asphalt Industry Association (AIA), says that dropped an average frequency is every 55 of 92 years, raising concerns about the effect that is having on the state of repair of Britain’s roads.

The AIA’s Alarm survey says that the percentage of expenditure for fixing carriageways in England this year is down by 2% compared to last year, 56%, although up 5% to 63% in Wales. English the carriageway maintenance budget is increased by £1.9 million, in the meantime, to € 14.7 million.

The committee calls for evidence on the part of the public road network, as well as insight into the consequences of poor maintenance of the roads, and thoughts on how the streets should be maintained.

Concerns about security of the bike and damage to the car are mentioned as areas of interest, with the committee saying: “traffic management and maintenance, has been a matter of public interest for several years, with the holes that afflict the country”.