Drunk driver caught investing in another car

Police in the city of Brisbane were conducting traffic operations last Thursday when they saw a four-wheel drive going 76 km/hr in a 40 km/hr school zone.

When the police spoke to the 39-year-old male driver to stop, he changed out of his car and collided with another vehicle.

The driver was three times over the legal limit and allegedly blew a reading of 0.162.

He has been charged with a driver under the influence and has received infringement notices for excess speed and reverse gear when it is not safe.

He will appear in Brisbane Magistrate Court on the 22nd of August.

Neither the driver nor the other driver were injured in the collision, but both cars suffered minor damage.

The police instructed the driver to stop, then he reversed into the car behind him. Photo: Queensland Police Service Facebook

The Queensland Police Service posted the video on his Facebook Page and has been viewed 107,000 times since Thursday.

Superintendent Dave Johnson said dangerous driving behaviors is “one hundred percent unacceptable,” and the police are committed to finding these drivers and keep them off the road.