£20 for fine Motor idle is adopted by numerous councils

A new measure to prevent drivers leaving their engines idling while parked is gaining traction in several areas of the country.

Councils in Nottingham, Norwich, Reading and London have all adopted the met on-the-spot money, and the Times reported that are to be included 30 areas of the planning, to improve the air quality in Britain’s urban areas.

The penalties are aimed partly at the parents pick up and Drop off their children in the school; this pollution contributes to spikes in the air in these areas.

A new study conducted by King’s College London, highlighted the dangers of car pollution for the people in the affected areas, claiming to be a seven-weeks-life expectancy increase for those born after legislation on air quality was introduced.

The RAC’s head of roads policy, Nicholas lye, said: “With the spotlight firmly on reducing air pollution in urban areas, we welcome a focus on reducing unnecessary idling. The correct procedure should be to ask for an enforcement officer, to change the driver, your engine, and if you refuse, you will be issued a penalty. Idling engines can be up to twice the amount of emissions of an engine in motion, and for drivers it means higher fuel consumption.”