In Denmark entered into force a ban on wearing the burqa

Brussels. August 1. INTERFAX – a Law establishing a ban on the wearing in public places, hiding the face of the clothing elements, including the Muslim burqa, the chador and the burqa, entered into force in Denmark, said on Wednesday the newspaper “Jyllands lean”.

In accordance with the law the term “public place” means transport, schools, hospitals, and buildings of state institutions. For violation of the prohibition law the penalty in 1 thousand DKK (134 Euro), and the penalty for breaking the law four times in a row will amount to 10 thousand CZK.

The wearing in public places of a scarf that hides only the hair, are still allowed.

On the adoption of the law has not affected protests of the opponents of the ban who think it’s discrimination, noted by the Danish media.

The British newspaper “the guardian” notes that in political circles, in particular in the Danish party “Venstre” refer to such headdresses as the veil, the burka and the niqab, too strict to be worn by women in the society.

The Danish Parliament passed a law banning the wearing of the burqa by a majority of votes in may. Before that it had considered a number of human rights organizations.

Similar laws were adopted in other European countries – Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Austria.