In Kiev removed the advertising of Gazprom in the fan zone Champions League

Less than a day spent on the territory of the “Festival of Champions“ on Khreshchatyk advertising banner with the image of the Russian “Gazprom“ as a partner of UEFA.

The very appearance of a small advertisement on the stands caused a storm of indignation, but in KCSA quickly dealt with this issue.

“UEFA relates to our requirements and the political situation with deep understanding, for which we are grateful. I can’t even imagine how it was difficult to take even a few months ago, the decision about the absence of separate locations of Gazprom, the lack of advertising of the company and the hundreds of similar solutions.

A manifestation of Gazprom came as a surprise not only for us but for the UEFA functionaries. Just someone, somewhere different took the existing agreement. But all will be well, be good,“ – said the official representative of Kyiv city state administration on preparation and holding of the UEFA Champions League 2018 in Kiev, Andriy Miroshnichenko.

Miroshnychenko also added that now all the stands with the logo of Gazprom removed in the near future instead of them there will be new benches, which are currently printed.

Photo – facebook/andrey.mugoya also what will happen in Kiev during the Champions League.

Recall that the final match of the UEFA Champions League will be held may 26 in the Olympic stadium where they will meet real Madrid and Liverpool.

Our site will conduct a text broadcast of the final between Liverpool and real Madrid, which will begin at 21:45 Kyiv time.

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