Baptism of Russia was an event of world importance – the Patriarch

Moscow. July 28. INTERFAX – the Baptism of Russia have influenced the history of the world and firmly tied to the peoples living today in different countries, said the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill.

“These relations do not depend on nationality, culture or changing of state borders. We know that in the old days, and today it is irritating to those who would like to see the global landscape of perfectly manicured lawn. But where the lawn can’t grow plants, as great said Nikolai Berdyaev,” – said the Patriarch on Saturday before beginning the prayer service on the occasion of the 1030-th anniversary of the baptism of Russia monument to Prince Vladimir on the Borovitsky hill in Moscow.

According to the head of the Church, the example of the life of the Saint of the Rus Baptist calls us to imitate his desire for unity and harmony, “because the life of the elements of this world easy and comfortable – it is much harder to find the strength to shy away from evil, to resist sin, to restrain anger, to forgive injuries”.

Patriarch Kirill noted that the Baptism of Russia “determined the future course of history of the Slavic peoples” and the philosophical choice of Prince Vladimir “has forever changed the face not only of Slavic, but of the entire Christian civilization”.

The Christianization of Ancient Rus, the Patriarch, became the basis for the creation of secular culture, including literature, painting, music, architecture, and this is the “truly universal significance of the feat equal to the apostles Prince Vladimir”.

Today “Christian civilization cannot be imagined today without Russian Orthodoxy, whose boundaries from edge to edge of the earth”, said the Primate.

He also said that Orthodox values have largely shaped the national character and ideals of the Russian people, such as courage, sacrifice, honesty, conscientiousness, compassion, and keen sense of justice.