The mufti of Syria accused the “White helmets” to use chemical weapons

Damascus. July 23. INTERFAX – Supreme mufti of Syria Ahmad badreddin Hassoun called upon to prosecute members of the organization “White helmets” for war crimes against the Syrian people.

“In the last 48 hours there have been developments that explain a lot about the causes of the war in Syria. It is about those who are called “White helmets”. This group, which was in Syria – in Aleppo, in the Damascus province and other regions, she used chemicals against Syrians and Russians who fought together with us,” – said the mufti on Monday at the meeting with relatives of the Syrian and the Russian military.

He explained that a group of 800 people where there are doctors, engineers, religious figures.

A. B. Hassoun stressed that “those who are in Syria are considered terrorists, have either returned to normal or died, except for the group”.

“All these people are very well educated, many of them chemists, and under the guise of humanitarian missions they were engaged in that used chemicals”, – said Supreme mufti.

“We want to ask: why didn’t they return to Syria?” he added.

According to the mufti, “this power expected the West to to weaken and destroy the Syrian state.”

“These people are not refugees, they are war criminals. I would like to contact the governments of our countries and harass these groups, to find out where they are, to prove that these people used the chemical weapons against us,” – said the mufti of Syria.