The Commissioner has supported sanctions against countries that failed the migrants in the shelter

PARIS, 25 Aug – RIA Novosti. European Commissioner for economy and Finance Pierre Moscovici said he supported the possible introduction of sanctions against EU countries that deny migrants at the shelter.

Earlier the proposal was made by the President of France Emmanuel macron.

“I would rather support,” said Moscovici the TV channel BFMTV.

The Commissioner noted that now we are to a large extent is about political than about the migration crisis.

“The strongest immigration crisis behind, and that’s a fact. In 2015, had more than a million people who came to our continent and claimed asylum. Basically, they came to Greece, they came from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan,” — he explained.

According to Moscovici, thanks to the measures that have been undertaken by the European Union from 2016, the number of migrants coming into Europe, began to decline. “369 thousand migrants in 2016, 140 thousand migrants in 2017. We went back to the figures that were before the crisis. 28 thousand since the beginning of this year. Do not confuse these things, so I’m talking about political crisis”, — he added.