Notorious Aussie terrorist could be released from prison

The prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, said he was disappointed with the Turkish court’s decision, but has vowed to continue trying to bring the Islamic State jihadist and recruiter back to Australia to face justice.

Mr Dutton said that the best possible outcome for any terrorist that was going to be “attacked and killed” on the battlefield, but Australia had an interest in the extradition of Prakash.

“From my point of view, I am very happy to see him rot in jail in Turkey,” Mr Dutton said in Brisbane on Friday.

Peter Dutton said that the best outcome for a terrorist was to be ‘targeted and killed’. Image: Bradley Kanaris/AAP

Prakash has been in custody, near the border with Syria, from the year 2016, after that attempted to enter Turkey with false documents.

The Kilis Criminal Court in the south of Turkey rejected a request from Australia of him extradited.

But in a separate hearing, Prakash was ordered to answer charges of crimes against Turkey for being a member of the Islamic State — which could result in him spending 25 years in a prison in turkey.

Mr Turnbull confirmed Australia was to explore their legal options, including an appeal.

Australian-born terrorist Neil Prakash could face a life sentence if extradited and convicted in Australia. Image: AAP

“Our goal is to ensure that Neil Prakash is never able to practice his evil trade of terrorism ever again,” Mr Turnbull said in Tasmania on Friday. “We will be working very closely with the Turkish authorities to see how we can ensure that it is brought back to face justice in the courts in australia.”

Prakash has previously admitted to being a member of the Islamic State, but said that he had nothing to do with the group in Australia.

He faces a potential life sentence if he is convicted in Australia of crimes of terrorism.

The former rapper from Melbourne had appeared in videos and has been linked to a failure of Melbourne plot to behead a police officer and another attack in which two officers were stabbed outside a Melbourne police station. Prakash is expected to re-appear at the court on 27 September.

Australia IS recruiter Neil Prakash is the photo of the inside of a Turkish court in 2017.