The Church in the Yaroslavl region, where christened Fyodor Ushakov, will receive from the budget of 55 million rubles

Yaroslavl. July 19. INTERFAX – the Federal budget in 2018 will provide for the restoration of the Church of the Epiphany on the Island in the village Chepelevo Rybinsk district 55 million rubles, according to the government of the Yaroslavl region.

In this Church in 1745, was christened the Admiral of the Russian fleet of the Holy righteous warrior Fyodor Ushakov.

Already completed the survey engineering state of building constructions of the Church, with the measures for their strengthening. Made driveways, Playground for work.

Also the formation of the project of repair and restoration of puffs on the walls, vaults, roofs of the quadrangle, development of design solutions for the restoration of the heads with crosses the main quadrangle and the chapel. Organized research activities, engineering and technical inspection tent and a dome-spire of the bell tower.