In Kiev at Teremki continues Mor birds

In Kiev on the lake, situated at the Teremky residential area goloseyevsky area, residents revealed a mass persecution of birds. The first victims were the ducks are now dying crows and pigeons.

It is reported Hromada of Kyiv.

It is unknown what caused the tragedy.

“State key laboratory for ul Volynska 12 refuses to provide the full results (in t h bacteriological) examination of dead ducks, despite the fact that people ordered and paid for the study. But at the same time announced that the results provided some Derepressible inspector who now does not communicate. There is only preliminary partial results of the autopsy and the tests ruled out some viruses. Symptoms of the condition of the animals appears to be poisoning. But the epidemic threat is a threat to people are not excluded “ – it is told in the message.

Local fear for the health of children and Pets, and therefore at his own expense ordered the appropriate tests and trying to save birds that have managed to survive.

Earlier it was reported that in Nikolaev killed 150 dogs. Euthanasia was subjected to as adults and puppies.