The Synod of the Russian Church officially allowed to bury unbaptized infants

Ekaterinburg. July 14. INTERFAX – the Holy Synod at the meeting on Saturday in Ekaterinburg approved the rite of remembrance of unbaptized infants.

“This office is filled with two themes. On the one hand, this is a topic related to the care of the mother and those relatives who are saddened by the death of his baby, his son or daughter. And, of course, is first and foremost a worship service of comfort, the worship of love toward the people who stood alone, who waited a long time for their child, and so it happened that the child was born dead or died in the first days of his life. The second topic is a request to God about repentance this baby without some kind of prayer for forgiveness of his sins,” – said the press Secretary of the Patriarch, the priest of Alexander Volkov.

He explained that a baby has no personal sin, because that is irresponsible age, so it is not applicable to the rank, which is used for adults and baptized people.

Father Alexander said that now the burial service for infants must be used in all churches of the Russian Orthodox Church.