Khatskevich: we have one striker is a very acute problem

The head coach of Dynamo Kiev Alexander Khatskevich has commented on the personnel situation in the team in terms of positions we need to strengthen in the summer.

“I too read the Internet. Write that Dynamo need to strengthen four positions, and someone says to five. Someone criticizes youth. But above all, I must say that the team was left by Mbokani and Moraes. We have, in fact, there was one striker. This is for us now a very acute problem.

In the middle of the field after the injury returned Sidorchuk, is Garmash, buialskyi, but it’s the players who do more work on tackling. We need a player more in attack.

Goalie question? Rent period Koval at Deportivo was over. So he, like the rest of our players, 19 Jun should appear in the location our team. Then we talk with the very Maxim that, first of all, to understand his own plans for his future. And as of this moment, the Smith — football player of Dynamo Kiev.

As for Boyko, now it all depends on Besiktas. Negotiations with this club. It may be concluded a new rental agreement. Let’s see how will behave the Turkish club in relation to the Denis,” said Khatskevich in an interview

Earlier Khatskevich told why he stopped playing in the team Khacheridi.

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