Brazil’s Supreme court rejected the appeal of ex-President

MEXICO city, 7 APR – RIA Novosti. Judge of the Supreme court of Brazil Edson Fakin on Saturday refused the appeal of ex-President Luiz inácio Lula da Silva on the decision to place him in jail, according to the channel Globo.

This decision upholds the verdict of the judge Sergio Moro about the possibility of making Lula’s custody. Earlier Friday, the previous court, the Supreme court of Brazil rejected the counsel of Lula in two appeals.

On Saturday night, Lula spent in the trade Union of metallurgists in the city of Sao Bernardo do Campo. On Friday has expired term of voluntary surrender to the authorities, however, it it not go.

In January, Lula da Silva was sentenced for corruption for 12 years and one month in prison.