Kaka on the transfer Newmar in reality: If he wants, let him do it

The famous Brazilian Kaka expressed his opinion on the possible transfer of his compatriot Neymar from PSG to real Madrid.

“This is a personal decision. Of course, if he goes to real, then people will say that he used the PSG for the transfer. But if he wants, let him do it. However, it should be ready for further developments.

On Neymar always a lot of pressure, and it’s just crazy. In Brazil, discussing not only the game play and level, but his hair and style. Neymar is a great player, but he’s a celebrity. To manage this very difficult“, – quotes the words of Kaka Gazzetta dello Sport.

Earlier it was reported that PSG striker Neymar is suspended the release of a clothing line dedicated to his move to real Madrid.

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