Babchenko asked for 50 thousand dollars for the interview

MOSCOW, 4 Jul – RIA Novosti. Former war correspondent Arkady Babchenko demanded that the journalists of money for an exclusive interview. About this in Facebook wrote the chief editor of the Ukrainian public-political edition of the GORDON Alesia Batsman.

According to her, in conversation with one of the editors Babchenko said that he would consider offers from 50 thousand dollars, but “definitely agree” for a conversation, if he was paid 60 thousand.

“When Arkady Babchenko was killed and I found out that he has six adopted children, I wrote it to close friends asking them to associate us with his wife, so she gave the number of your card and we quickly organized a nationwide collection of money to help his family. Now, apparently, we need to organize a campaign to raise 50 thousand dollars for the Arcadia for the interview,” said Batman.

He Babchenko on his page on Facebook confirmed that he had asked for money from media. “I need once again a new life to build from scratch, so I can think more about how do you ratings and content. So let’s say fifty Grand — exclusive interview your”, — he wrote.

The journalist stated that it would not cooperate with the Russian mass media, which he claims, has already shown interest in his proposal.
“Murder” Babchenko

Last week, the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine reported that the former military correspondent Arkady Babchenko was shot in the stairwell of his house in Kiev. This information was commented on all major state departments, including the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the country.

On Wednesday, the SBU has denied this information. The service head Vasyl Hrytsak said that the report of the murder spread in the framework of “special operations”. Staging, according to him, started to prepare two months ago, the organizer of attempt has been detained.

Methods Ukrainian secret service has been harshly criticized by many international organizations. So, the deliberate dissemination of false information about the fate of Babchenko condemned OSCE, the European Parliament, the International Federation of journalists and “Reporters without borders”.
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