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Marketing Life Cycle

A company that offers pregnant women and new parents and health advice, and gifts, faces a fine for illegally sharing more than a million people’s personal data with the Labour Party.

The UNITED kingdom, the data watchdog intends to issue the owner of Emma’s Diary £ 140,000 penalty.

Said life Cycle of Marketing had sold the data to be used in the 2017 election campaign without disclosing it could.

The company is contesting the results.

He said that he had not been given the opportunity to respond to the Information Commissioner’s Office of the complaint prior to the publication of the report

“As a result, the details of the ICO results, including those reported by the press, contain significant factual inaccuracies, which we trust to be correct”, said a spokesman for the Marketing life Cycle.

He refused, however, to say that the errors were.

It is common for the parties, for the purchase of personal information to target their campaigns, but the appropriate consent must have been obtained from the suppliers.

Labour has said that it will review its “approach to the acquisition of data by third parties” in the light of the report.

A legal expert said that the intervention was likely to cause wider concern.

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“After the campaigns of Obama, the political parties saw the need to step up their game data, and when the playing field has not worked,” said Sam Fowles a fundamental element Lawyers.

“They will certainly be worried now if they had overstepped the mark in the light of this.”Mothers and children

The Information commissioner’s Office has revealed his plan of punishment in a note to the footer of a report about the misuse of personal data during the Brexit referendum.

He said that normally does not announce its intention to impose a fine up to when it has completed its inquiries, but believes in this case that there was a “substantial public interest to do so.”
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You sign up to Emma’s Diary? How do you feel about your personal data to potentially be shared without your consent? Email

The ICO has said that the May 5, 2017, lifecycle Marketing has provided 1,065,200 record for the data broker Experian Marketing Services to use.

Each record included:
the name of the parent, who had joined Emma’s Diary
their home address
if children up to the age of five were present
the dates of birth of the mother and the children

The ICO has said that the Buckinghamshire-based Marketing life Cycle is not understood the data will be used by a mail campaign to promote the Work policies for families in 106 constituencies.Free diapers

Emma’s Diary is promoted by the Royal College of General Practitioners, among others, and the information package are distributed by many GPs and midwives.

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The benefits of joining include customized e-mail with the pregnancy and lactation, advice, as well as discount vouchers for high street shops, and gift packs including diapers, wet wipes and other similar objects.

The Companion app also allows moms to keep a journal of their pregnancies and do a time-lapse video of their growing bumps.

The business’ privacy policy stated that in exchange for these advantages, users allow any third party for marketing purposes.

But while the policy had listed a number of business sectors and specific companies that may obtain the data, the ICO has said that there was no mention of political parties.

In fact, the watchdog added, the policy was just changed so that in January of 2018, after the ICO had said that the company was under investigation.

This, the regulator has concluded, violated the Law on Data Protection, “fairness”, a requirement that the organizations transparency about the collection of personal information may be used.

It added that it could also be a breach of the European Convention of Human Rights.

Considering the size of his worth, the watchdog said it had taken into account that did not understand the life Cycle of the Marketing had not shared the personal data with a political party on any other occasion, and had expected the cancellation after the general election vote.

But he added that it was not clear how the company could also be sure that the data had actually been deleted permanently.

The ICO added that it would be a final decision after hearing back from the Marketing life Cycle, and should confirm the size of the penalty, or after the 30 July.

“[We] submit our written statement for the challenge to the ICO results in accordance with the usual process,” said a spokesman for the Marketing life Cycle in response.Careful reflection

The Royal College of General Practitioners acknowledged that it was a “long-running relationship” with Emma’s Diary, but he added that “do not hold or receive data, and has not had any involvement in the case under investigation”.

Experian Marketing Services, said it was aware of the ICO doubts and would “remain vigilant when it comes to data security and integrity”.

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The ICO has said that he wants the UNITED kingdom 11 the main political parties to have the data, the sharing of practices reviewed in the course of the year, said it also has “outstanding requests with a number of data brokers”.

“[In the past] there was a much more free interpretation of the principle of equity, and has not been applied as strictly and rigorously, as in this case,” Mr. Fowles said.

“Now we see that this is the direction of travel of the Information Commissioner, companies and political parties are going to have to think very carefully about what they told people when they’ve taken the data from them.”

You sign up to Emma’s Diary? How do you feel about your personal data to potentially be shared without your consent? Email

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