Named primary objectives of pension reform

Raising the retirement age should be accompanied by an increase in the collection of pension contributions and the cost efficiency of the Pension Fund, said the Chairman of the Council on human rights under the President Mikhail Fedotov. It is quoted by “Interfax” on Wednesday, July 11.

“Today, raising the retirement age is aimed primarily at solving two tasks, I think: bridging the deficit budget of the Pension Fund and increase the level of old age pensions I would suggest to still call old-age pensions”, — said Fedotov at the meeting of the HRC, dedicated to the project of pension reform.

He stressed that in itself the increase in age of retirement, these problems will not solve. It is necessary, he said, to draw attention to the fact that still a large number of employees receive wages in envelopes.

In addition, Mr. Fedotov urged to check the effectiveness of spending of funds of the Pension Fund.

The transformation of the pension system in mid-June announced the government. Ministers assume a gradual increase in age of retirement to 65 years for men (by 2028) and up to 63 years for women (to 2034). Meanwhile, the state Duma considered the possibility of lowering the retirement age for women from 63 to 60 years.

Over the study of the provisions of the pensions act are also experts of the Public chamber.