Beijing expressed dissatisfaction with the new American tariffs on Chinese goods

China on Wednesday expressed strong dissatisfaction with the US administration’s decision to impose a 10 percent duty on Chinese goods for a total volume of 200 billion dollars, which was another milestone in the escalating trade war between the two biggest economies in the world.

In China’s Ministry of Commerce this solution is called absolutely unacceptable, and promised retaliatory measures.

Earlier, the administration of President trump is decided in two stages to impose duties on Chinese goods worth $ 50 billion. As stated by U.S. trade representative Robert Lighthizer, administration patiently urged China to stop unfair trade practices to open their markets and allow real market competition.

“Instead of addressing the issues that we have legitimate concerns, China began to retaliate against American products,’ said Leitheiser, announcing the new fees. – Such actions cannot be condoned”.