In liège a gunman opened fire on the police

BRUSSELS, may 29 – RIA Novosti. In the Belgian city of liège is unknown opened fire on the police, told the broadcaster RTBF, citing a police source.

In the shootout killed two police officers and a passer-by, two more people were injured, according to Le Soir, citing a source in the local police.

Deuxième convoi d’ambulance qui quitte la zone. La situation a l’air d’être terminée. Moins d effervescence sur le boulevard, les policiers sont moins sur les nerfs
— Victor ⌬ (@VICTORJ_FR) 29 may 2018

The attacker tried to take a hostage in a building located near the scene of the shooting of the Lyceum, but was “neutralized”. Students of the Lyceum are not affected.

Quartier toujours bouclé, des voitures de police continuent d arriver… le périmètre de sécurité encore élargi #liège #avroy #Liege
— Victor ⌬ (@VICTORJ_FR) 29 may 2018