The transfer of the Kyiv Metropolitanate of the Russian Orthodox Church in the XVII century, was completely legal attempts to challenge it is impossible to take seriously – the Evangelist

Moscow. July 5. INTERFAX – the Russian Orthodox Church called the strange statement of the Patriarch Bartholomew, who earlier this month said that “had the Church of Constantinople, his act did not convey land in Ukraine Moscow.”

“This statement looks quite strange, considering that after the transfer of the Kyiv Metropolitanate to the Moscow Patriarchate in the seventeenth century the Church of Constantinople never lay claim to the Ukrainian diocese,” – said the correspondent of “Interfax-Religion” on Thursday, Church historian, Dean of the faculty of theology of St. Tikhon’s University for educational work, senior lecturer of the Department of systematic theology and Patrology priest Pavel Ermilov.

He recalled that there is a fundamental historical document that confirms the transfer of the Kyiv Metropolitanate to the jurisdiction of the Russian Church – letter from the Patriarch Dionysius of Constantinople in 1686.

The interlocutor of Agency has quoted excerpt from that document: “and now, together with the related sacred Council of bishops and righteous (pertikov) in the Holy Spirit brothers and concelebrants [our dimension] decides, in writing, that his Holiness the Metropolitan of Kiev was subordinated to the Holy Patriarchal throne of the great and blessed city of Moscow, Metropolitan of Kiev was ordained in it his Beatitude the Patriarch of Moscow and received from him [i.e. the Patriarch] so-called act on the parchment, and recognized him as their elder and Primate, as rukopolozhenie from him and not from the universal [the Patriarch]”.

“Of course, you can try to promote different interpretations of letters in 1686, but I don’t think they will be perceived by someone seriously, because the point of this paper is clear and never, as I said, has not been challenged,” summed up historian.