Bad selfie: the 15-year-old girl fell from the unfinished hem

In Kiev on the street of St. Andrew, 15, with the upper floor unfinished fell on 15-year-old girl who tried to make a spectacular selfie.

About it reports Kyiv operational.

A group of teenagers climbed the unfinished building in order to make extreme self.

One of the girls posed on the edge of the building, she did not keep balance and fell down.

“It was very lucky that the fall was short and the girl just fell to the floor below. However, without traumas has not been – lost consciousness and broke his head“, – stated in the message.

From a scene the victim in an unconsciousness was taken to the hospital.

As reported on 11 June, in the river in the restaurant because of the selfie, the girl died.

Also on may 10, in Kiev the girl died after falling from the 25th floor during the meeting.