Macron urged to thoroughly prepare for long migratory pressures, without compromising European values

Brussels. June 29. INTERFAX – the President of France Emmanuel macron urged not to count on quick resolution on the migration crisis in Europe.

“In the long term, we will continue to experience migratory pressure, given the existing disparities between Europe and Africa, considering the demographic dynamics of Africa, considering the various conflict zones in Africa and the middle East,” said the French President on Friday at a press conference in Brussels after the EU summit.

“We don’t have anything to give in to temptation ephemeral promises. Anything. I know how emotions can take us in this matter. It concerns me, as well. But the things that need to build in the long term, can not be guided by day emotions. This is a long term thing, from my point of view, it should, first and foremost, to keep Europe at the height of its history and its values. There are issues on which Europe doesn’t compromise on its main principles,” – said E. Makron.

It is suggested not to forget that we are talking about people in need of asylum who are fleeing from their countries because of religious or political beliefs or because of the security situation. However, in his opinion, this does not mean that the EU should accept everyone, regardless of the circumstances from which they came.

The French President believes that the European Union should also be guided by efficiency, which means together and just protect its borders, not to destroy national unity, to prevent the spread fears and open the way to extreme forces in various countries. According to him, needs “a clear answer that is accepted by our people”.