Fresh fears about the dangers of tumble dryers

New fears have been raised about the dryers bursting into flames, despite the efforts to modify the machines.

The program of the BBC monitoring in Live consumer programme has discovered cases in which the machines have been burned, after being fixed.

Some 5.3 million dryers under the Hotpoint, Deficiency and Indesit brands of modification required.

Whirlpool, which owns the brand, said that he had total confidence in the correction.’Disgusting’

The original defect was discovered in the year 2015 and, apparently, has led to dozens of fires since the year 2004. The company began a huge operation to modify or replace the dryers to ensure that they were safe.

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However, Watchdog spoke to Vicki Mudge and his sister-in-law Jemma robin guarnieri, who said that he had to drag Vicki to the burning of the dryer, and out-of-plane. That had previously been modified.

“You trust them to think they are fixing something so that it will be fine. It’s disgusting really,” Jemma said.

It was said that, since they lived in a block of flats, the fire could have been a risk to their neighbors.

Domestic service engineer Graham Watkinson – who has worked with the electrical appliances for more than 40 years – believes that the modification does not completely eliminate the risk.

Charlie Pugsley, assistant commissioner at the London Fire Brigade, said he was seriously concerned by the reports of modification of hair catching fire.

“It’s going to be a time delay between the modification and the fires that occur, so if you’re starting to see one or two, I imagine that is only going to get worse,” he said.

“Every fire has the potential to do huge damage to someone’s home and risk lives.”


In August 2016, a hair – waiting for the modification – was blamed for a huge fire in the West London tower block, with more than 50 people forced to flee their homes.

Despite the incident, the company continued the status of the machines are safe to use as someone who was in the property.

That? threatened to bring judicial review proceedings against the Commerce of the Rules on the advice that is given. Trading Standards Whirlpool instructions for the issuance of a new orientation, at the beginning of last year that the hair should be disconnected and not be used until they had been repaired.

Andy Slaughter, the MP in the area of the tower block fire, said: “I’m very concerned that people now think that the problem is solved – that you can go out, go to sleep and leave machines, because they have been modified or replaced, but in reality there is still a real danger that they could catch fire.”

In a release, the hot Tub, he said: “We have total confidence in the modification. Extensive testing and analysis of the amendment both before and after its implementation has shown that provides an effective solution to the problem.

“An external review with the input of three independent experts in fire safety, product safety, and engineering, to the conclusion that the modification is the most effective way to fix this problem for consumers.

“There have been No reported incidents in which the modification has been shown to be ineffective. Recent reviews of the effectiveness of the modification is based on the techniques fundamental misunderstanding of what it deals with. We are concerned that such ill-informed, critical risks discouraging consumers to sign up for this important safety modification.

“We continue to urge consumers to contact us immediately if you believe that you still possess a device. We can assure consumers that if they come in contact with us now, they may receive a resolution within a week.”

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