Former U.S. Ambassador spoke about the Russian influence on the conflict between Israel and Iran

TEL AVIV, may 10 — RIA Novosti. Israel and Iran entered into a direct clash on the Syrian border, are not interested in a full-scale conflict to de-escalate and are in need of mediation services that they can provide only Russia, says former U.S. Ambassador in tel Aviv Daniel Shapiro.

On Twitter he commented on reports of a massive rocket attack by the Iranian forces deployed in Syria, the positions of the Israeli troops on the Golan heights.

“Israel will have to give a forceful response to the Iranian rockets fired at the Golan. But because neither side (presumably) still wants a full-scale conflict, they need help in de-escalation. There’s only one logical candidate is Russia,” writes Shapiro.

One of the most serious border incidents in recent years occurred on the night of Thursday, after a few hours after the visit of the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu in Moscow. There is the head of the government, in his own words, discussed the threat of growing Iranian presence in Syria, defending the “right and duty” of the Jewish state to defend itself against aggression.

According to Shapiro, Russia demonstrates an understanding of the interests of Israel, which in this situation could claim on her help in “containing” Iran.

“This (border incident) could open for Israel to insist on the introduction of Russia’s restrictions on the military consolidation of Iran in Syria… the US should help,” wrote the former Ambassador.

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