The main problem of the Church is that it is created from people, said Metropolitan Hilarion

*** A completely hassle-free is the only God

Moscow. June 25. INTERFAX – the head of the Synodal Department for external Church relations Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk considers the human factor is the main problem of the Church.

“The main problem of the Church is that it created from people. If God wanted to create some sort of hassle-free organization, It would have invited the angels, and created the Church of the angels, although we know that the angels at some point had problems, and some of them (angels – if) disappeared,” he said, answering a question of the presenter in live TV program “Parsuna” channel “Spas”.

The Bishop said that all human being after the fall, “and the other condition we don’t know and can only the Bible to read about it”, due to the problems. These problems can be more or less, but the problems of the Church are exactly the same as the outside world as the society in which the Church is because the Church is made up of the same people that comprise the society.

“Probably a completely hassle-free is the only God” – expressed the opinion of the Orthodox hierarchy.