Erdogan said the ban, the U.S. Senate on the supply of F-35 to Turkey

ANKARA, 22 Jun — RIA Novosti. Turkey considers all alternatives due to the ban of the U.S. Senate on the supply of fighter-bombers of the fifth generation F-35, said the President of the country Tayyip Erdogan.

According to him, Ankara has already paid $ 800 million for the supply of F-35. The Turkish leader expressed hope that the President of the United States Donald trump will cancel the ban on exports.

“Such a faulty position of the US towards Turkey, which is their strategic ally in NATO, can result in loss for them,” said Erdogan in a TV channel A Haber.

He added that Turkey is now working to manufacture its own fighter jets.
The situation around-400

Relations between Ankara and Washington deteriorated after in December last year, Turkey and Russia signed a credit agreement on s-400. According to the document, Ankara would buy the two batteries in SAM that will be covered by Turkish personnel. The parties also agreed on technological cooperation in development of production of s-400 to Turkey.

U.S. and NATO officials have repeatedly criticized Turkey for a deal with Moscow. So, the assistant Secretary of uess Mitchell stated that the purchase of s-400 can adversely affect the supply to Turkey of the F-35. The Turkish foreign Ministry said that Ankara would take action against Washington if delivery of fighters will be blocked.

On Monday the us Senate passed its version of the draft defence budget for the year 2019 that provides for the termination of Turkey’s participation in the program production F-35. However, on the eve of the American company Lockheed Martin in Fort worth, Texas hosted a handover ceremony of the first F-35 Turkey.

As stated by RIA Novosti the representative of the Secretariat of the defense industry of Turkey, Ankara transferred to the aircraft will remain in the US until November 2019 for the training of Turkish pilots.