Ahead of the visit of Bolton, the assistant Secretary called the Kremlin’s “revenge”

Uess Mitchell stated that the improvement of relations with Russia is possible only if it stops its “aggressive” behavior

A senior American diplomat accused Russia and China in an effort to split the West and called the Kremlin’s “revenge”.

Assistant Secretary on Affairs of Europe and Eurasia Uess Mitchell also committed the United States to create “long-term bastions against the encroachment of China and Russia.”

Mitchell stated this, speaking on Tuesday in the Senate Subcommittee on European Affairs and cooperation in regional security.

The diplomat’s comments came on the eve of the announced visit to Moscow, White house adviser for national security John Bolton on the growing expectations of a possible summit with the participation of the President of the United States Donald trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in mid-July.

“Both Russia and China want to divide the West. Russia wants to crush it, while China wants to take his place, said Mitchell senators. – Special aggressiveness they show in Central and Eastern Europe.”

He said that a top priority of Washington in the region is “deterring Russian aggression”.

“In recent years, revanchist Kremlin tried to redraw the boundaries, intimidated and attacked neighbors, organized a campaign against the West in cyberspace and increased its military presence on its Western borders,” said assistant Secretary of state.

“We are committed to better relations with Russia. But this is only possible if Russia stops its aggressive behavior. We will not compromise our principles and will not jeopardize its allies,” he added.

Recalling Secretary Mike Pompeo, Mitchell said, “the years of soft policies that made it possible Russian aggression, is over.”

“We will continue to raise the costs of Russian aggression, while President Putin will choose another path, he stressed. We will continue to demand that the Russian government had fulfilled its international obligations and allowed their citizens to enjoy fundamental freedoms without fear of retribution.”

Mitchell noted that in parallel, the United States created by means of self-defense for, as he put it, “the frontline States”, which are subject to the most immediate military threat from Russia, namely Ukraine and Georgia.

“On the Eastern frontier, from the Baltic to the Black sea and to the center of the Danube basin, we are working to develop more effective long-term bastions against the encroachment of China and Russia, who seek to weaken the security of our allies and undermine their relationship with the democratic West,” the diplomat said, referring to the senators.

Speaking about U.S. relations with European allies, Mitchell said that Washington should “work constructively with them, otherwise they can lose it.”

According to him, the US goal is to “preserve the West”.

“We will not be able to do it without Europe, which, together with the USA is West and is the center of the free world”, – concluded the assistant Secretary of state.