The Georgian Church opposed the legalization in the country of marijuana

Tbilisi. June 25. INTERFAX – the Holy Synod of the Georgian Orthodox Church believes that in parallel to the liberalization policies, the authorities should adopt a “strict legal action” against drug dealers and drug distributors.

“Currently, the Constitutional court of Georgia considered a lawsuit to annul an administrative penalty in the case of possession of a narcotic substance – up to 70 grams of marijuana (cannabis), which actually means the legalization of the drug,” reads the minutes of the meeting of the Synod.

It is noted that logically there is a question about legal ways of acquiring the drug. “All this will ultimately provide the basis for a legally permissible cultivation of marijuana in Georgia, which is totally unacceptable,” reads the report.

The Synod points out that “the permission to manufacture cannabis actually means the legalization of the drug trade that will bring the country dire consequences.”

The Synod urges the state to undertake a number of concrete steps in this direction – in particular, in a timely manner to create special rehabilitation centers for people dependent on drugs, actively involve media in a campaign to promote healthy lifestyles and to change public opinion against drug use, to introduce a special course in schools to explain to children and teenagers as dangerous drugs for health.

The Church emphasizes the need for stricter measures for illegal possession and distribution of drugs in public places, but also among adolescents. The question of employment of people addicted to drugs, it is proposed to determine in the light of the European experience.

According to official data, in Georgia, for every 10 thousand people there are 29 drug addicts, of which only a small proportion (11,5%) are undergoing treatment. The most common drug is cannabis – its use 63.9% of the total number of addicts in the country.