Peskov told about the possible meeting of Putin and trump

MOSCOW, 21 Feb — RIA Novosti. In the Kremlin has nothing to say about the meeting of presidents of Russia and USA Vladimir Putin and Donald trump, the announcement will be made when ready, stated to journalists the press-Secretary of Russian leader Dmitry Peskov.

“As you know, any official statements on this account neither the Kremlin nor the White house has not been done. While we have nothing to say. If and when we are ready, we will make a statement. As to the Times newspaper, with all due respect, it is unlikely it could represent the British people,” — said Peskov told reporters when asked to comment on the publication Times of the alleged concern of the British people about the meeting of Putin and trump taking into account the arrival in Russia of the adviser to the leader of the United States for homeland security.

Earlier, the Times newspaper reported that officials from the US administration are counting on the fact that the meeting trump and Putin will take place in July. The sources said that us officials want the meeting took place or before the NATO summit, which will take place on 11 July in Brussels, or after a trip to trump in the UK, which is expected to be held immediately after the summit. As the newspaper notes, “most likely, the venue will be Vienna, since that is where the headquarters of the OSCE, members of which are the USA and Russia”.

Earlier, trump the TV channel Fox News said that may soon meet with his Russian counterpart. Later, in an interview with reporters, he said that the meeting is possible in the summer. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that the understanding on a possible meeting between the presidents of Russia and the USA yet. Earlier, Putin said that many countries expressed a desire to assist in the holding of the meeting, including Austria.