In the headquarters of the UN’s presentation of the 2018 world Cup football in Russia

UN, 2 Jun – RIA Novosti. The presentation of the FIFA world Cup in 2018, which will be held on 14-15 June, took place on Friday evening at the headquarters of UN in new York. The organizer of the presentation made by the representative of the Russian Federation at the world organization.

In the lobby of the headquarters was deployed, a small exhibition with information boards about the upcoming tournament and the cities that it will, multiple monitors, which broadcast videos of the championship, and also the figure of the mascot of the upcoming championship – wolf Zabivki in human growth.

There was also organized a small reception with appetizers, soft and alcoholic drinks – the French and American wine, and Russian vodka.

Among the guests at the event were UN Secretary-General, the Portuguese antónio Guterres.

“I’m going to Russia for the football championship. I will be rooting for his team, and I hope she will play well there,” admitted the Secretary General of the congregation, and then spoke with the Russian Ambassador to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia.
Holiday around the world

Nebesa in turn told the journalists about the connection between football and the UN.

“The world Cup is not just a sports event. It is an event of global significance, which are expected not only fans, although the fans first and foremost. A celebration of the sport and the world, and sport is peace, and peace is what the UN, so all the same,” said the Ambassador.

“People who go to Russia will bring out a piece of Russia, and for many it probably will be the opening, because what many people here thanks to the media indoctrination and think about Russia, not a Russian. Russia is not what think of her often abroad,” he said.

Nebenzia also said that on Friday, the first day of Russia’s presidency in the UN security Council, the Council members were provided information about the upcoming championship.

“We handed out brochures, schedule of games, here at UN, we will have games to watch live. Plus, a little secret, all my colleagues (for SAT – ed.) we gave the shirts of their national teams, with their names and with each number 10 on the back, with the logo of the world Cup. We are sure once this month will come to them in the security Council”, — he promised.

Also nebesa said they had played football on Amateur level.

“I do (football) fan. And when it was Amateur. Played in the midfield. All, of course, want to be strikers, but the midfielder is very important role in football,” said the diplomat.
Barrier-free environment

The main star of the evening was the Russian singer Zara (Zarifa mgoyan), which is also the Ambassador of the upcoming Championships. She soulfully sang for the audience some Russian romances and works of Bulat Okudzhava and French singer Edith Piaf.

“It’s very exciting and responsible. I like artist for peace UNESCO in his capacity as Ambassador of the world Cup also engage with people with disabilities. I can say that our organizing Committee (2018) have done everything possible to people of all ages, different social groups feel as comfortable as possible on the matches. For this purpose all the wide ramps and special elevators, and free Golf cart, free rental of wheelchairs. Moreover, the place on the matches for people who travel with wheelchairs, best in the stadium,” he told reporters Zara.

According to her, first used last year in the confederations Cup equipment will be used at the world Cup. In particular, for visually impaired people will be audio-descriptive commentary in specific devices.

“It is also, I think, a great achievement in the development of a barrier-free environment in our country. Because I can tell that the world Cup won’t be a problem,” said the singer.

Also Zara has shared his Outlook on the upcoming performance of the Russian team.

“We hope that the quarter-finals for sure, but here’s how the stars line up. We’re rooting for our team. But most importantly, I think the world Cup is to show what our country is, what she is friendly, what it’s cosmopolitan, with a rich history. I want the guests of our country met and felt our soul, our culture,” said singer.

The world football championship FIFA 2018 will be held from June 14 to July 15 in 11 cities of Russia: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Volgograd, Kaliningrad, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Samara, Saransk, Sochi and Rostov-on-don. In the tournament in addition to the team of the host country will take part the representatives of 31 countries.