In Ankara explained why Washington is concerned about the purchase of s-400

ANKARA, 9 Aug — RIA Novosti. In Turkey believe that the US is concerned over the very strong radar anti-aircraft missile systems s-400, which I bought in Ankara. This was stated by defense Minister of Turkey Nurettin Canikli.

However, he noted that the missile installations do not threaten NATO.

“They worry that if the s-400 will be installed in Turkey, these radars can transmit data, particularly in relation to (multi-purpose fifth generation fighter aircraft) F-35 and other weapons of NATO,” — said Canikli.

According to him, this is why many senators opposed the acquisition of Turkey Russian rocket launchers.

“We explained to them that there is no risk and no threat and will not, guarantee it. S-400 is in any case will not create any threat to the NATO weapons, we were asked to pass it on to the senators. S-400 will be delivered and taken on Board, for this reason no discussions can not be”, — said Canikli reporters after his talks with Pentagon James Mattis in Brussels. It quoted the Anadolu news Agency.
The situation of mistrust

According to him, the project F-35 is a trade agreement that the United States implements with many NATO countries. “Turkey has fulfilled all its obligations regarding this project. We paid an advance of more than $ 800 million. The proposed purchase of 100 airplanes valued over $ 11 billion, and you should not look for excuses to delay implementation of this agreement. Otherwise, there is situation of distrust, not so much in the legal sense, but the Turkish people,” said Canikli.

He added that Turkey expects an honest implementation of the commitments the U.S. side. “It’s the attitude (USA) forced us to find another solution for the purchase of air defense systems, the agreement on s-400 should be viewed in this plane. If the F-35 will be a decision contrary to the terms of the agreement, we will be forced to take action, find another way, and it is our natural right,” said the Turkish Minister.
The Delivery Of S-400

In December last year, Turkey and Russia signed a credit agreement on s-400. Ankara will buy two of these battery systems, which will serve the Turkish staff. The parties also agreed on technological cooperation in development of production of s-400 to Turkey.

U.S. and NATO officials have repeatedly criticized Ankara over that deal. So, the assistant Secretary of uess Mitchell stated that the purchase of s-400 can adversely affect the supply to Turkey of the F-35, but a group of senators introduced a bill to limit these supplies. Turkish foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu promised that if the delivery of fighters to block, Ankara retaliates, among which is called cooperation in this area with Russia.
The Characteristics Of S-400 “Triumph”