Trump criticized Trudeau on the eve of the G7 summit in Canada

The President also reduced the duration of their stay at the summit

QUEBEC CITY – on the Eve of the summit “the Big seven” in Canada, the US President lashed out at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and the White house announced that the us leader will miss a number of sessions.

On Thursday evening, trump wrote in his “Twitter” that Trudeau, as President of France Emmanuel macron, “U.S. imposes enormous duties” and creates a “non-monetary barriers.”

He added that Trudeau is “so outraged” about the USA taken measures, but is silent on what measures against U.S. exports are up in Canada.

Trump expressed his outrage on Twitter after the Makron has threatened to do without the United States at the signing of the final statement of the “Big seven” at the end of the summit in the mountain resort of Charlevoix.

Makron in a tweet, dubbed in English and French, wrote: “Perhaps the American President and don’t mind being in isolation, and we do not mind signing an agreement between the six countries as required.”

Earlier Thursday, during a joint press conference with Macron in Ottawa, Trudeau said: “American jobs have been hit because of his actions and the actions of his administration. When we will be able to bring this to the attention of the people, we will see increasing pressure inside the US and maybe he will change his position”.

“A trade war does not spare anyone, said macron. – It will start to harm American workers. The cost of raw materials will increase, and the industry will become less competitive.”

After a series of comments on Twitter and a press conference, Trudeau and Macron, the White house announced that trump would leave the summit at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, after a meeting on the expansion of opportunities for women.

“Canada, the President will travel directly to Singapore in anticipation of the upcoming meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, which will be held on Tuesday. For the remaining sessions of the U.S. it will be the Deputy assistant to the President for international economic Affairs, Everett Eisenstat”, – reported in the statement of the press Secretary of the White house Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Even before these events, it became clear that the current G7 summit will be one of the most intense in history.

Last week, the administration trump announced the expiration of exemptions of duties on steel and aluminium for Canada, Mexico and the European Union, which caused a violent reaction in Europe and in the Americas.