2018 world Cup: Maradona criticized Messi and no longer supports it

Argentine ex-footballer Diego Maradona commented on the devastating defeat of the national team against Croatia.

“Modric played excellently. I wish these players were Argentines. After all, our leaders – not the leaders.

Messi is not a leader, he has no individual leader. He was photographed with the goats, but he’s not “goat“. For this you first need to win“, – quotes Maradona beiNSOCCER.

“Modric was an excellent. Days like today, I wish players like that were Argentinian. Our leaders are not leaders now. Messi doesn’t have that personality. It’s a shambles. He took pictures with a goat. You’re not the goat. Win something first.“ – Diego Maradona after #ARGCRO pic.twitter.com/S9V2hQ4aNi— beIN SOCCER (@belNSOCCER) 21 June 2018 R.

Earlier, Diego Maradona has supported Lionel Messi after his missed penalty against the national team of Iceland.

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