Model from Morocco spoke about how he spent the night with Ronaldo

Moroccan 28-year-old model Amal saber told about his acquaintance with the leader of real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo.

The girl met Ronaldo in 2014 in one of the Madrid restaurants. Amal flirted with the Portuguese, and even made fun of him, saying that in his vest Ronaldo look like a waiter.

“It was my way of flirting, and he appreciated that. He said he likes blondes but he likes me. And then we went to his house – he asked me to show their dogs. I love dogs, and he had three Labrador. I was a little drunk, but I remember that the house was a Jacuzzi, a gym and a bar.

Later we went into the bedroom – there was a huge TV and a picture of Irina Shayk. We drank champagne, and spent a memorable and special night. I was there until 5 am, and then his friend drove me home“, – quotes the words of saber , The Sun.

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In that time, Ronaldo has dated Russian model Irina Shayk, who left football in 2015 because of his relationships with other women. Roman Moroccan patterns with Ronaldo ended a few weeks after night, but she believes that Sheik could detect their correspondence.

Earlier it was reported that the striker of real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo regret parting with Irina Shayk and still has feelings for her.

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