Named the goal of the pension reform

The Chairman of party of pensioners of Russia Nikolay Chebotarev believes that raising the retirement age will continue to contribute to the growth of pensions. On Thursday, June 21, reports TASS.

“We understand that raising the retirement age is only a tool to increase pensions. It’s not for increasing age, and in order to in the future was less of a problem with pensions and to raise their size to a more or less decent level,” — said Chebotarev.

In his opinion, without reform in 5-10 years the situation will worsen: the real pensions of Russians will be less. In this regard, “with some reservations” Party of pensioners of Russia agree to support the initiative of the Cabinet to raise the retirement age, he said.

“We need to discuss carefully calculate to bring to every person knew that may have to be patient, but then it will be better. The main thing — to raise the quality of life in the country that people lived [until retirement]. And this whole complex of issues”, — concluded the politician.

June 14, Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev declared about raising the retirement age from 2019. For men this figure will be raised to 65 years and for women to 63 years. For some categories of citizens existing pension benefits will be retained.More important news Telegram-channel “Tape days”. Signed!