Italy wanted to cancel sanctions against Russia. She was not allowed

MOSCOW, may 31 — RIA Novosti, Igor Gashkov. The formation in Italy of a coalition government with the filing, the EU has blocked President Sergio Mattarella. As it became known to RIA Novosti, the winning party, the “League” and “Five stars” were planning to cancel anti-Russian sanctions and establish relations with Moscow. The country is likely to have new elections. They rejected the head of state the political forces can take a convincing revenge and to once again raise the question of cancellation of sanctions.
Italian puzzle

The resumption of friendly relations with Moscow, the return of the Italian products on the Russian market, the lifting of sanctions — all this was included in the list of measures agreed “the League” and “Five stars” before the formation of the government. Willingness to fulfill the promise of Italian politics was confirmed at the St. Petersburg economic forum. Thus, the representative of the “League” Paolo Grimaldi said that “the new government, despite the pressure, will raise the issue of lifting sanctions” and intends “to become the first Cabinet in Europe, which will follow a clear course in this area”.Joining the conversation, Vladimir Putin said that the Kremlin is aware of the attitudes of Italian politicians and found them “extremely positive”.
The leader of the party “Forward, Italy” Silvio Berlusconi and the head of the “League” Matteo Salvini

Sources RIA Novosti confirmed that a few days before the resignation of Conte, the speaker of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani officially announced the intention of Italy to block the extension of anti-Russian sanctions at the next EU summit in July 2018. This caused disapproval in the high offices of Brussels.

After a few hours after the close of the forum in St. Petersburg, the political situation in Italy changed dramatically. The head of a coalition government, Giuseppe Conte announced the break with Sergio Mattarella and resigned. Politicians are not agreed on the candidacy of the Minister of the economy, which was rejected by the President. Offended by the actions Mattarella representatives of the “League” and “Five stars” stopped negotiations.

The head of state has put forward a technical Prime Minister, who previously worked at the International monetary Fund. The prospect of lifting of sanctions, to the real, uncertain future.
The EU loses credibility

In conversation with RIA Novosti Deputy of the Veneto region Stefano Valdegamberi affirmed the determination of the leader of the “League” Matteo Salvini to defend his program to the European authorities. According to him, the new government did not want to “meekly accept the fact that imposes the EU, a major donor who supports Italy”. In the eyes of the supporters of the “League” the European Union is losing trust because it is not effective defending European economic interests in disputes with the United States.

“Taking the political and commercial decisions contrary to their own interests, Brussels is increasingly demonstrating that he is unable to play an independent role in global competition”, says Valdegamberi. The fall of the government Conte, have not had time to get down to business, looks like a pre-emptive strike EU, who set the bandwagon uncompromising opponent.
Italian President Sergio Mattarella, during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. 11 APR 2017

However, the confrontation is not over yet. The Italian President is chosen by deputies of Parliament, and therefore vested with limited legitimacy. Refusing to recognize the coalition formed after the elections, Mattarella is de facto abolished. Inevitably a new vote. Opponents of the policy, elected only indirectly, accuse him of “contempt of direct democracy”.

Irritation of voters could lead to a new victory of supporters of rapprochement with Russia. In Italy, tired of the pressure of the EU. In 2011, under pressure from Brussels resigned Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. In 2014-2016, the European Union has sought from Rome the reform of labour legislation. Another turn of the ship of state on command of the EU increases the anger of supporters of the “Five stars” and “League”.
But the new elections are won by supporters of Russia

The EU summit in July 2018 Italy is suitable in a state of political crisis. From “Five stars” and “the League” calls for the impeachment of the President. However, according to Italian law it is not easy to do. On only one consideration in profile Committee of the Parliament will take eight months. And to prove that Mattarella deserves forced retirement, is very problematic: it is unlikely that it will be able to identify treason.
Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Italian Republic Pasquale Terracciano at the St. Petersburg international economic forum in 2018. 23 may 2018

At the same time, appointed by the President, the government has no chance of approval by Parliament.In addition to the “Five stars” and the “League” having majority in the legislative Assembly presents the other political forces in favor of closer ties with Russia. “In particular, we are talking about such roles as “Brothers of Italy” or “Forward, Italy” Silvio Berlusconi. They are also for the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions,” — explains the Professor of law of the University of Turin Maurizio Marrone. “As President Mattarella, his main concern is to keep the country in the EU and the Euro area. It is worth noting that he was chosen by the President when Parliament was dominated by the Democratic party, and its current position is no different from the point of view of the democratic party of the USA”, — said the expert.

So ahead of re-election. Already referred to a specific date: the 29th of July. For Russia, such an outcome is acceptable. Opinion polls show that “the League” and “Five stars” retain the support of voters and have a chance to repeat the success. Fight eurosceptics with the europhiles in Italy is gaining momentum.