The Iranian deputies burned the US flag on the podium of the Parliament

MOSCOW, may 10 — RIA Novosti. Several deputies of the Iranian Parliament on Wednesday, the day after the American President Donald trump has announced the release of the nuclear deal with Tehran, burned the US flag. Videos of the action posted on YouTube.

The podium ascended by one of the MPs who showed to the Bureau a paper printout of the American flag, then tried to set fire to the sheet with a lighter.

The Deputy turned out this is not the first time, and it immediately ran colleagues and began to help. There they burned another paper, according to media reports, it was a copy of the agreement on nuclear deal.

During the campaign, MPs chanted anti-American slogans and shook fists, and their colleagues from all sides rushed to the podium to Express their support. Then both the burning paper was thrown down, and parliamentarians began to trample.
The Decision Of Trump

On Tuesday, Donald trump announced the US withdrawal from the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program. He accused Tehran of uranium enrichment and the development of prohibited weapons contrary to the terms of the agreement.

It happened after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the availability of produced intelligence secret documents that prove that Iran after signing a deal with the international community retains the developments in the military-nuclear sphere, hoping to use them in the future.

Other countries — guarantors of the agreement condemned Washington’s decision, pointing to the dangerous consequences of this step.
The Iran agreement

Iran and the six international mediators (Russia, USA, Britain, China, France, Germany) signed in 2015, the document on the settlement of the Iranian nuclear issue.

The parties adopted a Joint comprehensive plan of action (SVPD), it was removed from Tehran’s previously imposed economic and financial sanctions from the UN security Council, US and EU imposed because of its nuclear development.