Russian prolifer believes that the current situation in the pension sector is the result of years of practice of abortion

*** He opposed the equalization of the pension rights of mothers and childless women

Moscow. June 19. INTERFAX – Executive Director of the Autonomous nonprofit organization “Save life together” Leonid Sevastyanov said that in the current shortcomings of the Russian pension system is to blame for “abortion” in the minds of Russians, formed under communism.

“Abortion issues are acute in our societies and in the context of discussion of pension reform. Our current pension system has Communist roots. It is not cumulative, and the insurance at which the pension contributions of the employer for the employee are not on the accumulation of future pensions, and for payment of existing pensioners. Such a system can work only if the birth rate when a large number of the working population has fewer pensioners”, – said Leonid Sevastyanov on Tuesday, the correspondent of “Interfax-Religion”.

According to prolifera, because of the propaganda of abortion in the Soviet Union retirees to date, people have given birth to enough children, that would become the employees and the deductions which would include current retirees.

“Social pyramid was inverted. Therefore, the current state pension provision, primarily rests the responsibility for the pensioners. At the same time, of course, must not be cumulative of responsibility when the mother of eight children equal pension rights to the woman, not gave birth to any child,” – said social activist.

In his opinion, a woman who had an abortion today, should know what its consequences have an impact on the rest of her life.

L. Sevastyanov expressed solidarity with Pope Francis, recently compared abortion to the crimes of the Nazis. In this regard, prolifer mentioned the Soviet Union, where for the first time in the history of legalized abortion, because, according to L. Sevastyanov, people in the Soviet society was a cog in the production.

“The woman had the status of mother become only a means of production, and to produce unemployment from the point of view of Bolshevism it is inappropriate. Therefore, children had to bear in the perception of Bolshevism as much as you need for the economy,” – expressed his point of view L. Sevastyanov.

In the views of the Nazis on life, he continued, had the right only the strong: all defective were destroyed. “That’s what we see now, when any suspected pathology of the fetus leads to the encouragement of abortion on the part of the doctor,” said Leonid Sevastyanov.

He recalled that Hitler also believed that the waning of the nation to which it was considered and the Russian people must pass through sterilization and abortion practices.

“According to the Nazis among the Russian had promoted abortions. But we see that now the Russians are leading in the number of abortions per woman. The paramedics predispose women in Russia to abortion, shouldn’t be equated for this reason to promote Nazi ideology?” – asks prolifer.