He shared his sex tape with a group called “the shop doc”. Great. Error.

Timothy Michael Patterson changed his clothes in an apparent attempt to avoid being caught on camera following his sentencing at the Downing Centre Local Court on Friday.

The 28-year-old senior constable turned a consensual encounter with an off-duty officer at a Sydney hotel in 2017 without his permission.

Two of his videos have been shared with eight other officers in a Snapchat group called “the shop doc”.

Patterson said the woman did not consent to the filming, but I didn’t know that he was posting the video online — that has done it to brag his companions.

“As juvenile as it was (I did to) offer to the boys I was having sex and were not,” said the court in a previous hearing.

Patterson shared the video of his sexual encounter with a colleague the other eight officers in a Snapchat group called “the shop doc”. Image: AAP/David Moir

But magistrate Clare Farnan found him guilty of shooting the woman in a private act without their consent, and the use of a carriage service to menace, harass or offend.

On Friday, he put Patterson on a two-year good behaviour bond and jailed him for nine months for the offences he has previously described as “humiliating” and “appalling”.

However, the magistrate said to serve his sentence in the community by way of an intensive corrections order.

“These crimes are crimes which, in my opinion, the community must recognize that to be extremely harmful to the community and to the victim in kind,” he said.

A NSW Police spokesman told AAP Patterson has been suspended, and its use in the examination.