COBOL called Kiev “posypkami”

The Chairman of the Board NAK “Naftogaz of Ukraine“ Andrey Kobelev called Kiev “posypkami“ and gave also to understand the feelings of the inhabitants of the capital “disgust“. This is stated in his publication on Facebook.

Note that because of the position of “Naftogaz“ and personally to Andriy KOBOLEV, the people of Kiev were left without hot water. In its public comments about the situation on Facebook the head of the NAC did not bother to respond to the indignation of Kiev, genuinely perplexed: why, because of the financial dispute between “Naftogaz“ and private company “Kyivenergo“ they turned off the hot water? Thus KOBOLEV gave to understand that people are not entitled to hot water.

He was silent about the fact that just a month the people of Kiev will shut off and even electricity. The fact that CHP-5 and CHP-6 parallel to generate electricity and heated water. If the TPS will stop due to power they supply, the capital of Ukraine will remain without electricity. And this is the threat of technological disasters.

Recall that in late may, members of the Board of “Naftogaz of Ukraine“ under the leadership of Andrey KOBOLEV decided to reward himself for a win in court over Gazprom awards totaling $ 46 million, which is nearly UAH 1.2 billion.

Very interesting that to win the case in the Stockholm arbitration “Naftogaz“ is irrelevant. NAC only paid $ 25 million of budget funds by the Norwegian law for company’s participation in the process on the side of Ukraine. The claim of the Norwegians won. And here the question arises: if the lawsuit is won by a private company hired by taxpayers ‘ money, then what, then members of the Board of “Naftogaz“ wrote themselves huge bonuses?

Add that he KOBOLEV formally each month receives a salary of $ 2 million – he’s one of the most highly paid officials in the country.