Manafort accused of trying to influence witnesses

Prosecutors allege that the former head of the electoral headquarters of the trump tried to contact witnesses shortly after he was indicted

The former head of the election headquarters of Donald trump by Paul Manafort made several attempts to influence witnesses in open cases against him, said Monday prosecutors.

The prosecution appealed to a Federal judge with a request to change the measure of restraint in Manafort, who is under house arrest.

In court documents, prosecutors working on spectracolor Robert Mueller, wrote that Manafort and associated employees “repeatedly” came out on two witnesses in an attempt to influence their testimony.

Contacts occurred earlier this year, shortly after a Grand jury indicted Manufactu new charges, while he was limited by the walls of his house.

In court documents the name of the companion was not called – he appears in them as “Person A”. While prosecutors noted that the pseudonym used in respect of the same person in previous papers in this case.

In previous papers as “Person A” was called Constantine kilimnik, a longtime ally of Manafort, who, according to prosecutors, linked to Russian intelligence.

The names of the two witnesses also are not mentioned in the court documents. However, the prosecution notes that they worked with Manafort on the creation of the organisation of former EU officials, the so-called “Habsburg group”, to promote Ukraine’s interests in Europe and the United States.

According to court documents, Manafort began to send messages and to call one of the witnesses in February, shortly after a Federal Grand jury in Washington handed down a new indictment containing allegations of unregistered lobbying activities related to “Habsburg group”.

The calls started the day after a co-defendant in his case and business partner, Rick gates admitted his guilt. These attempts continued for several days, according to the written testimony of the FBI agent on the case, according to the affidavit.

The witness stated to investigators that he interpreted the desire of Manafort to contact him, as an attempt to influence their possible testimony.

As pointed out by the FBI agent to the witness from his own experience it was known that “Habsburg group” engaged in lobbying activities in the US, and it was also known that knew about it and Manafort.