Kiev firefighters rescued from the fire and the parrot: a touching encounter with the Savior

Parrot Korela innocent nearly died during a fire at the capital Kyiv on 14 June. Firefighters who arrived to extinguish the fire in high-rise building, the apartment people is not found. However, hearing the cries of birds, tracked her down, and despite hysterical resistance, pulled out of the smoke.

Talk about it in TSN plot.

Now parrot Kesha has recovered and the second time met with the firefighters who risked their own lives to save him. The bird has started eating again and chirps, but still not talking.

Recalls how she survived the fire and smoke feathers – light yellow parrot now has a grey shade, as its natural ancestors.

The parrot I got the fire Alexander, who during a special operation to rescue the Cache had much to bite. During the meeting, the bird seemed to know their Savior, and even took from him the treat.

In gratitude to the rescuers the owner of the birds have already written a letter to the leadership Glosnikow with a request to award them a mark of distinction for saving her pet.

As reported, in 2017 in the U.S. talkative parrot gave the murderer of his master.