Excessive emotionality trump hinders the improvement of the international situation, said the Dalai Lama

Riga. June 16. INTERFAX/BNS – In international relations, including at the leadership level of the United States, too many emotions, said Saturday at a press conference in Riga the spiritual leader of Tibet, Nobel peace prize laureate the Dalai Lama.

So he answered the question of why international relationships in the world are not improving.

The US President Donald trump, in the opinion of the Dalai Lama, too emotional.

However, a few days before the Tibetan spiritual leader expressed hope that the U.S. and North Korea is genuinely trying to bring peace.

“I hope that any efforts towards peace and eventual renunciation of nuclear weapons is a liability. So if it happens seriously, big congratulations. If this is just a political benefit, then I do not know,” said the Dalai Lama to journalists on Wednesday in Vilnius.

Answering the question about the equality of men and women, the Dalai Lama said he supports it, and stressed that women can give to the world what it needs – more compassion and kindness to those who suffer.

June 16-18, the Dalai Lama is on a visit in Riga.